Spain Is Different: Stop and Fonda’s Teams of Fashion

Today I show you a picture posted by Elle France and I liked for various reasons: for its aesthetics, your photo and your location. Under the name of Lady Barcelona, team Elle He moved to Barcelona to show us a fashion in which Fund, Gaudí, and shape, style, a perfect fit.

Spain is different. Just that one has traveled and charged with a suitcase through the air so think about it, or at least so I think. When it seems that publishers of fashion, creative teams and Giselles, Greengages and Mirandas they are only its narrow buttocks by sands of Brazil, Maldives waters or streets of Tokyo, the truth is that our country is a true centre of world fashion, especially with respect to locations.

I spoke a few days ago from Wings and Piggot, the most successful pair of photographers of the time and that it has a Deluxe Studio in Ibiza, Why walk once in a while Carine Roitfeld or equipment Vogue America When the occasion requires it.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, the desert of Almeria, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella… are key points for many magazines and signatures when looking for Sun in winter, Latin inspirations or simple streets with architectures, hard to find, as in the case which concerns us.

I like this picture the concordance of the clothes with the environment seems more accurate, by their colors, details and forms.

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