Fan of The Cover of Gisele Bundchen for Vogue China

Gisele Bundchen It is one of my favorite models always and with each appearance his I am always with something interesting either in the form of advice or a simple joy to see the well dressing always. In this latest installment has managed to overcome completely, or better said, the team of Vogue China they have managed to make the most of the Brazilian model.

The home that the Chinese edition of Vogue is planning to launch in February is going direct to the best covers of the year and that we have just begun but it is that it is perfect. The 30 years of Gisele Bundchen seem to 18, with a very youthful style but very mature turn. It is in this contrast of ideas where more hits the cover of the magazine.

The dress that Gisele Bundchen looks is Prada’s spring-summer 2011 collection. The well which is left in Gisele Bundchen and what little they wore it Lindsey Wixson in your day.

Do you think you cover?

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