The Backstage of The Editorials of Fashion Do You Dare to Decrypt It?

The fashion Sometimes it is a representation of exclusive clothing, beautiful models and latest trends and others is as profound as art, with its concepts and inspirations.

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate a few cases of others and only if we have the right information will tell whether we have before us an editorial that simply extols the beauty of a Claudia Schiffer pregnant, or one of the more elaborate of the films script has.

So today I propose a game: know what has been the? inspiration of the editorial Surreal Reveal , released in the Style supplement of the New York Times, What do you here?

Conceived as an editorial of beauty, its author is the Creative Director makeup of Chanel Peter Phillips, Hence, the styling is mostly firm.

The images, the work of Richard Burbridge they are inspired by photographs of Man Ray and all of them have an inspiring Decalogue: the idea of beauty taken to the extreme of nudity. Sounds weird, really?. But it has its explanation.

The models are not just makeup, not even makeup Fund because according to the makeup artist:

A good skin without makeup is the latest luxuries.

Following in the footsteps of Man Ray, a clear reference to the old fashion photography was sought in the poses of the models and played mercilessly with the carisisimos Accessories that has had no hesitation in defaced and coloring.

As Phillips points out:

I love the idea that we play in that the eyes of the models would not be at any time. Makeup can be a mask behind which hides a woman.

Loved me. Do you think you? Do you think that the inspiration of the creative team has been reflected in a well?


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