Month: April 2017

Sweethearts of Shopping

If you are someone that wants to leave all the summer striped world, do it with clothes that go in harmony. Horizontal or vertical, these are main in all imaginable garments and colour combinations Super. While the maritime (Navy Blue and white) are the most famous and never go out of fashion, there are proposals to choose what best defines… Read more →

Black and White, Gradient, Contrasts… These Images Are The Best Example of The Importance of Stamping in Fashion

Shamekh Bluwi is an illustrator of fashion that is capable of using any scenario, skylines, clouds, wires, walls, doors, etc., as the perfect print for their costumes by fashion. His illustrations they win originality and realism, and above all show us the role that have tissues and his motives in any look. Read more →

Cloned and Plundered: Aquazzura or UterqüE? Fringed Sandals Continue to Rise

When the river sounds like water it carries. Everyone knows that Zara does not stitch without thread and (almost) everything it touches turns Golden (or tendency), hence it is not surprising that the Wild Thing-fringed sandals from Aquazzura to continue to rise (more if possible). However, Zara was not the only network to join the fever by these beautiful sandals. Read more →

In a Few Weeks You Can Also Have The Most Desirable Gucci, Mango Shoes Will Put You You Easy

Gossiping Snapchat I found this surprise. Handle is photographing its new campaign in New York and through this social network are sharing images and moments, that we can’t normally see. Everything was being quite interesting until it became a surprising and find some shoes that resemble both others of Gucci that you think perfect is great (especially if you’re a… Read more →