How to Buy Smartwatch

The battle for wrist started! But what should you look for in a smartwatch? Use our tips to choose the best electronic device wearable for your needs and your budget.

Big names like Apple and Samsung are building every month new models of watches smartwatch to deliver notifications, apps and more directly on your wrist. Although the models and features vary, the main advantage of a smartwatch is that you can really save a lot of time. If you want to check incoming messages or check the music quickly, you’ll be able to take a look at your wrist rather than having to cough up and unlock the phone. Some SmartWatch can even replace the phone, but most are designed as complementary devices.

If you want to keep tabs on your health, a growing number of fitness integrated features such as smart watches possess a monitor pedometer or a heart rate monitor. The line between fitness tracker and SmartWatch is definitely blurred in many models, called hybrids or smartband.

How do you decide which smartwatch are right for your needs and your budget? Here’s a quick guide to shop by smartwatch and wearable devices.

So now, what is the smartwatch is best for you?

Smartwatch buying guide: operating system and compatibility of the smartwatch

Although most of the SmartWatch is an extension of your smartphones, device compatibility is very important. For example, both models smartwatch Pebble and Pebble Steel using a proprietary operating system, in this case the owner is home to Pebble, but the vast majority of smartwatch, but can also work with Android and iOS devices. The same thing goes for the clock Alcatel OneTouch.

The Android Watch — available with models Samsung, LG, Sony and others — work with Android smartphone with 4.3 and higher operating systems. Google made it quick and easy to check the compatibility of the camera wristwatches with your phone to see if your wearable smartphone is compatible with the operating system of your smartphone.

Not surprisingly, the watch the Apple Watch only works with iPhone. Similar to Android Wear and devices with Google Now, the smartwatch Apple has a feature that allows you to rapidly see through a preview on your wrist: the weather, temperatures, upcoming events and other interesting items, but focuses more on the availability of fitness apps and app for social interactions.

To sum up: buy a smartwatch that works with your smartphone, your smartwatch and your smartphone must be compatible. Check the operating system.

Buying guide Smartwatch – Display: Better a screen E-Ink or color?

There is something magical about a monochrome E Ink e-paper (like the Pebble) on a smartwatch, it’s very vintage. These display provide a couple of very important advantages. First, they make it possible to read the screen outdoors without worrying about overexposure and solar reflection or glare phenomena. Secondly, an E-Ink screen enables you to save large margins of battery.

On the other hand, some SmartWatch as the clock of Apple and Samsung Gear Live display pictures, applications and other content into a fantastic array of coloring much more heated, defined Full Color. And while the clocks with E-Ink technology have an integrated backlit, color display tend to be brighter. The trade-off is shorter battery life, although the producers decided to play in the near future the trump card of the battery life of the smartwatch for sales.

The color display uses so much energy that many watches off their screens during “sleep”, but so can not even check the time without touching the device. Look for and find a smartwatch that continue to show the time even when not in use, is a daunting task. But we continue with our comparative guide to smartwatch.

The Smartwatch most suited to me – interface: buttons vs Touch

Almost all wearable devices, except some fitness band, possess atouch interface but also the old physical buttons still have something to say. After all, there’s already a touch screen on your smartphone and on virtually every other electronic gadget. A touch-display interface allows easy navigation between applications and management modes. However, the SmartWatch with physical buttons tend to be cheaper than those with touch screens. Some people prefer the classic look of a traditional clock, built-in schedule and many physical buttons.

The Android software Gear does a nice job of presenting and managing notifications that you can easily delete with one finger, but there is also a great need for “scivolii” on the display for maximum performance within the various applications. The latest update navigates through tabs with a flick of the wrist.

Convenient huh?

The clock of the Apple, she opted for a combined approach, which offers a digital touch display and a crown on the right side. You can use the crown to quickly zoom the contents or to scroll, and the screen uses the acknowledgment of the pressure on the touchscreen, that knows the difference between a touch and a long press.

In summary: over time we will find out if the touch will continue to be implemented more in favour of physical buttons but if you require simplicity with a touch of watchmaking tradition, the physical buttons they can still have their say.

Smartwach comparison: designing and customizing

The best models of smartwatch offer a choice of straps and straps with the opportunity to exchange them with belts and straps from other models. This is important if you want to customize the appearance of your wrist unit. The model of the Moto 360, for example, offers a band/strap 22 mm standard, interchangeable with most closings.

Even The Pebble – here for review–has two straps (leather and steel), also supports all types of belts and straps of 22 mm. The Sony SmartWatch 3 is available in a sport version, lighter, or with a stainless steel strap, more elegant. The Apple clock still offers most of the design options compared to other wareable. Comes in two sizes and three finishes (steel, aluminum, and gold) and offers six different band designs.

Keep in mind that comfort matters a lot when we talk about wearable electronic watches, as well as the ease with which you can fix the watch on your wrist. Although it is versatile, the Band of Microsoft is perhaps cumbersome and it is precisely on this point that the team of experts of Microsoft is working on. Definitely and without delay we would avoid any SmartWatch with bulky paper clips and straps that require too much force to open and close the template.Fortunately we sampled a few.

Buying guide smartwatch: notifications and alerts

Any performance smartwatch will alert you to incoming calls, emails and text messages with a quick buzz/vibration of the wrist, this feature can help with discretion in figuring out whether it is worthwhile answer right away or not. You can also create an integration of social network notifications from sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The beauty of a immediate reception is priceless, fast, quiet and safe. For example, Pebble has recently updated the software on its SmartWatch for you to review recent alerts up to 50. The Apple clock scrolls down from the top of the screen to see the notifications.

Some SmartWatch offer more customization options. The Samsung Gear 2, for example, allows you to decide which notifications can get directly to your wrist using the app Gear Manager on your phone. There is also a feature of Smart Relay. Just picking up your smartphone with the notification that appears on your clock Gear will open the corresponding app on the screen.

Applications and Watchfaces

Although the category smartwatch is very young, some models offer tens or even hundreds of applications for every taste.

Apple Watch has the most impressive list of apps so far, with more than 3,500 options available. Options include Instagram, Uber, Shazam and CNN. You can do everything, down to the control of the lights with the application Philips Hue. There’s an App Store of Apple Watch dedicated to download additional software.

The Pebble has more than 4,200 applications and watchfaces in its app store, which makes them easy to locate and download. Pebble has attracted some big names, like PayPal, ESPN and The Weather Channel, but Apple has brands of highest level in her world.

The Android Watch have a rather limited selection of applications optimized for the platform.Starting in may, we counted 213 featured apps (there are few huh!), but there are some interesting options. Eat24 allows you to order lunch or dinner directly from your wrist, Lyft allows you to schedule a tour of the neighborhood and WhatsApp lets you reply to messages directly with the voice.

Special features: Fitness, voice and more

The fitness enthusiasts will be watching with great interest the latest models of sports, the new dedicated smartwatch wearables, in fact, are integrating more and more applications for monitoring and control of physical activity, health and in particular of sleep. Some SmartWatch necessarily depend on your smartphone for monitoring activities, but most models have a built-in pedometer for tracking and daily step count.

Most devices Android Gear Watch have an internal heart rate monitor. The best heart rate sensor it should be Apple’s clock that was more accurate in our tests.

Microsoft’s Band has a heart rate monitor and a GPS for optimal detection. The display is small enough to read notifications of your smartphone, but performs very well at their job. Apple does not offer GPS watch, this means that you need to perform operations directly with your smartphone, if you want detailed information about pace and distance.

You want to make calls through your wrist? There is no problem because the 2 Gears and Gear Neo home Samsung can integrate this function with the smartphone also features by adding the feature S Voice to issue voice commands and managing software and-Siri. The most expensive Gear S, sold through wireless carriers, goes even further, it does not rely on a smartphone because it has a SIM card. However, the design can be improved.

Help me choose the smartwatch: battery life and charging

The SmartWatch with E Ink display work for about four or five days with a normal charge.However, most of the SmartWatch with schermi in color tend to run down at the end of a particularly intense day or at most can last a couple of days of heavy use, so you’ll want to consider how many times you’re willing to keep plugging your watch for charging.

The smartwatch with voice functionality will not last as when using them as simple phones, but obviously it was to be expected. The clock of the Apple takes approximately 18 hours of heavy use after a single charge.

As for recharging, we prefer those models of SmartWatch that use micro USB ports, because it is easier to find a cable that you can use when you don’t have your original device cable handy. The clock of Alcatel OneTouch uses a USB full-size smart with fast charging, so you can connect it directly to your laptop or other chargers without compatibility problems.

Apple Watch uses a magnetic charger with a long cable, which is easy to attach and reattach.

Comparing Smartwatch: Prices

The prices of the SmartWatch range from a minimum of € 127 Euro discounted for the original Pebble, to a maximum of € 350 euros for the Samsung Gear S.

In between these two great pillars, you will find SmartWatch also reasonably priced as the Swees ® U8 with integrated Bluetooth at € 28.99.

In any case, the price of a smartwatch is heavily influenced by the characteristics it possesses. For example, the Pebble has a color screen but have a sleek body in stainless steel, while many Android watch already have a colour display, aesthetics aside for each model.

The clock of Alcatel OneTouch sport has a color screen and syncs with iOS and Android phones for only € 100 Euro, although the selection of apps is limited.

The Apple Watch, despite its excellent properties, especially with regard to monitoring, is relatively too expensive € 420 euros for the version from 28 mm is much, much less for its larger version.

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