Month: June 2016

Which Leather Jacket Suits Me

The leather jacket, a versatile garment, aggressive and sophisticated, ever-present in any wardrobe both male and female, this fall will again become protagonist but in a whole new way. If it is true, in fact, that the classic nail leather not goes out of style, this season designers have really indulged creating leather coats new and very funny and perfect… Read more →

Cute Plus Size Sleepwear

A woman likes to feel sexy, attractive and romantic. For some reason, many people mistakenly believe that only women with a perfect figure can not afford array of luxurious lingerie that not only will bring them pleasure, but to impress favorite. In fact, the lady in the body as beautiful and thin can try on clothes seductive and thus can… Read more →

Women's Silk Sleepwear Sale 2016

Every self-respecting girl is always watching and caring about their appearance. However, according to stylists, many of them are that fashion mistake – if not in public, we can not maintain the stylish exterior. According to experts, to be styled clock is important not only for himself but also for mental health. Today’s women fashion stylists who offer to pay special attention… Read more →

Swimwear Etro Reviews

Etro presents his collection of swimwear for the summer 2012, a line that celebrates in style one of the cult reasons for this hot season: the colored printing. In the case of the Italian fashion house, it is very often the Baroque allure and sophisticated prints rethought though in compliance with the fashionable colors and color combinations a bit ‘crazy that this season takes… Read more →

Diamon Dust, Denim Jeans

In the vast range of glazes Pupa arrive four new lines for an unusual and amazing manicure! Pupa Milano has presented for spring 2015, the new limited edition collections of enamel special effect: refined Satin Nude, bright super Diamond Dust, timeless denim jeans and details Colorful Plumage. Details and contrasting textures among them who will wear the nails following the new trends nails: the Pupa enamels are perfect to create nail art special… Read more →

Lingerie and Swimwear for Expectant Mothers

Also, pregnancy and maternity underwear can be sexy. Czech market offers plenty of brands to choose and each has its own style. But one thing unites – attentive to your comfort, and skin sensitivity. Therefore, the clothes made of cotton fabric, polyamide and lycra. BRA Ideally, maternity bra should be sewn from cotton, solid enough, with a wide band under the cups with… Read more →

Stylish Summer Swimwear

There is no time to waste time. If you want to bathe in summer in new swimsuit, do not hesitate. On many of them had in fact hang tag with discount and most beautiful pieces will soon be gone. You take your bikini or one-piece model? Easy choice it will not. The shop is in fact a plethora of different swimsuits, while some look… Read more →