Month: May 2016

Plus Size Short Sleeve Sweater

Short sleeve sweaters are the proper basics in the transitional period and complement different outfits from the rock up to the Pant suit. The chic trendsetters fit perfectly thanks to the short sleeve Blazer or cardigan. Women with stronger body can enjoy fashionable short sleeve sweater XXL, which score as a stylish all-rounder for versatile looks. Whether meergrüne cashmere pullover… Read more →

Fitness Clothes for Larger Ladies

Currently people are really worried about their health, especially women who want to gain their desired and dreaming body. And women care not only about the body, but also about the clothes which they wear to go in the gym. So we’re going to talk about female fitness clothes which women wear at the gym. The market find that there is an increase of the demand for… Read more →

Tips for Wearing Short Dresses

The short dresses in some years ago was used only on special occasions, but now they came to stay. They come with strokes and different models, thus valuing the beauty of woman. A striking feature of the short dresses is that they give a focus on the legs, thus giving a tone of sensualism in all seasons and at the time of the year’s… Read more →

Le Lis Blanc-Trendy Summer Collection

For those who do not see the hour of summer comes with everything, there is the hint: the Le Lis Blanc has just released the collection of summer. We were mega eager to launch this season! Who accompanies us on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) saw that yesterday was a crazy day! We were invited by Le Lis Blanc of Mall Bosque dos Ipês, in Campo Grande (MS), to… Read more →

Fashion Inspirations for Women's Shirts

One of the most important things at the end of year is getting together with family and friends. What else we really like is that major weirdness on vacation that dominates everyone, is that good to leave all clothing next year without conscience. Hahahahaha! We have received many emails from readers asking fashion inspirations for the holidays, for both the day and the… Read more →