Month: March 2016

Women’s Bermuda Shorts for Warm Days

Particularly popular among the women’s shorts Bermuda, enjoy every summer on the new that are called also Bermuda shorts. The Bermuda shorts owe their name to the Bermuda Islands, where the Bermuda-shorts-style even among the business attire of men. Bermuda carried there by business men with knee-length socks, shirt and tie, and very reminiscent of uniform pants. Be as well,… Read more →

Jumpsuits and Harem Pants for Women

Overall, jumpsuit or harem pants, bloomers: the new women’s fashion is extremely feminine and ultra casual at the same time – and this as comfortable as not many other garments! Overall, the fashionable body suit for the lady who was very popular in the 1980’s. Mind you not in the form of typical work or craftsman coveralls, but as figure-hugging… Read more →

Vintage Long Skirts Online

Who are long skirts? Long skirts, especially the maxi skirt, are all the rage. The long, figure-flattering cut makes it the perfect garment for large women. But small women make in long skirts a fine figure when they combine properly. As carry small women long skirts best? Less is more is the motto for women with small body size. Clear,… Read more →

Knit Sweater Patterns for Women’s Cardigans

Knit sweaters and cardigans dealer shop ruizesolarin a large variety. You focus on quality and want to be able to offer a large and wide selection of exciting and delicious quality products for every taste. You negotiate products from a variety of well-known manufacturers and can therefore offer knitting/cardigan for every taste. All of shop Nazha many exciting flavors of… Read more →

The Men's 2016 Pants Guide

There are a lot of web shops with unique and cool fashion clothes for fashion-conscious men in the whole of Denmark. Success is the result of a simple formula which includes the amazing ability to be able to promote Denmark’s coolest stores and their large selection of unique fashion for quality-and fashion-conscious men. Why is there synonymous with a wealth… Read more →