Buying Plus Size Clothes Online

There are many guides on the net and probably most about the topic of clothes and shopping. It is by no means our intention to bore you with what type of clothes you should buy or which colors are modern just now. On the other hand, we will give you our best advice and recommendations.


Think Twice Before Buying

You should therefore be aware of these the following 3 things before you buy with a completely new and unknown shop:

  1. Check out the company name on Google
  2. Check out the score on trustpilot
  3. Check if it says contact info, REGISTRATION and other business information on the page

If you can put the check mark from all these 3 things, you can shop with peace of mind. Especially point three will be missing in many of the fupshops found on the net.


Clothing for Women and Men

Now to the web shops we can recommend and we start to look at our personal favorite, in the field of clothing for women and men in big size. Their names are hoticle and kohls. We will here justify why we believe it should be one of your fixed favorites.

  • Free shipping and return policy
  • Large selection
  • Competitive prices
  • Almost all the leading brands


Clothing for Children

In the field of children’s clothes and baby stuff is the number of webshops is not as big, at least not the ones who specializes in the field of clothes for babies and small children. We have again highlighted the points that we think it is a good place to shop for small things:

  • User friendly and orderly shop
  • All the leading brands and manufacturers
  • Next everything for babies and small children
  • E-marked and rapid delivery
  • Sensible prices
  • Trustpilot score of 9.0

We hope you can enjoy our guide, not least to get checked the places you do business. It is clear that our recommendations of webshops, is made with a subjective starting-point. There are many good sites you can use, but these 2 places you never go wrong.


Do you have a favorite shop?

If you have a favorite shop, please feel free to contact us. We are always open to feedback and comments from our visitors.

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