10 Ways To Wear Leggings For Special Occasions

The garment that was reborn from the hand of physical culture takes over little by little the world of fashion.

Through chic designs and styles that go beyond practicality and comfort, leggings are the fashionista food of our day to day. In the past, the sport pieces were synonymous with informality, bad taste and a style that left much to be desired, but the trend has changed dramatically. Today sports jackets and pants are part of any wardrobe with style, tennis are a basic to keep up with the big companies and increasingly aim to integrate athleisure into their collections.

The future of leggings goes in the same direction. Before the rise of this garment and its wide range of varieties, a basic question arises, is it possible to use them and at the same time look sophisticated and fit for any date?

In short, the answer is yes; However, not all leggings apply to any look, not all garments go well with your favorites. Whether it’s to work, a special date, a formal meeting or any unusual event, learn to take them in the best way with these 10 ways without leaving aside the style.

Blazer Take your favorite black leggings and experiment with blazers in bright colors like red, pink or yellow. If your style is more serious, bet on the camel, gray or white. A shirt underneath or a sweater on occasions of less formality will be enough to look trendy and comfortable at the same time. -Leather Jacket Get a unique look with your personal seal by combining your black leggings with the leather jacket you like the most. Elegance and at the same time, a rebel style that will end up being defined in the footwear: booties, sneakers or any type of heels will make you look casual and ready for any event. -Tennis The most urban style begins with some leggings and tennis of any style. Wear a sweatshirt, sweater, coat or denim shirt; The secret is in the casual and urban look that the combination of leather with sneakers can give you. -Coats If you require a greater level of sophistication, your best option is coats and raincoats. Avoid combining the material of your leggings with the top and use your creativity for the rest.  Stappy heels, over the ankle boots or long boots, just make sure that the space between the end of your shoe and the beginning of the coat does not make your legs shorter. -Long Vest or  Sleeveless Coat Use a long vest to keep your body temperature and the tendency of autumn. Choose before and above, the faux fur in the materials. Underneath you can wear a shirt, a turtle neck sweater or a single color top, the rest will do your shoes depending on the occasion. -Poncho A folk garment that became synonymous with elegance and will keep you comfortable and warm for a long time. Make sure that the poncho is not so long as to cover your knees, or so short that it does not reach your waist; What you least want is to lose balance and form. -Black and white The power of black and white will always be suitable for looking radiant and with the degree of sophistication necessary to any compromise. Strappy heels in all varieties or Oxford shoes with minimalist accessories to highlight the power of the simple. -Monochromatic The all in black can not miss in any style and leggings are a great excuse to try. Dare with coats, sweaters or raincoats, sneakers, stilettos or Ov er the Knee boots . -Skirt Skirts with leggings have a chameleon personality that will allow you to adapt the style on any occasion. For something more casual, try a flowered skirt, a jacket and work boots. Change the look with a top, hat and wedge heels, or opt for a leather jacket and booties.-Extra Large Sweater Create a more casual style from an oversized sweater. Add socks and boots, booties or sneakers, accessories needed to cover you from the cold and work or go to school. ::If you want to dominate this garment and make it play in your favor, do not stop to inspire these ideas to look thinner when you wear leggings. Know a little more about wearing leggings, click DeadlyLeggings.