10 Tips to Prepare For Breastfeeding

Hello girls, okay?

The vast majority of women to get pregnant, with good expectations, breast-feed their children shortly after birth, aware of all the benefits that this Act of love can bring. But, unfortunately, even with all the love in your heart and good will of the entire soul, many are unable to feed their children or else suffer a lot in the process.

I believe that to reduce these problems and discomforts, we must begin to prepare for breastfeeding since the Pregnancy. This is crucial. And here are some valuable tips for you who are in this phase to go getting ready.

Ah, the tips are important for first-time mothers, but for the experienced as well, especially if you haven’t had success in your very first experience (do not be discouraged, the new attempt can be quite different). Let’s see?

  1. First of all: talk to your doctor about breastfeeding during the Prenatal. Ask him to evaluate your breasts, taking your questions, suggest specific care, guide on the process and the benefits of breastfeeding.
  2. Search for perform, at the Hospital where you will gain your baby or in other institutions where lives, Maternity courses, where health professionals spend valuable information on pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.
  3. For the hygiene of the breasts throughout the pregnancy and postpartum avoid using special soaps with moisturizers. Wash only with water or mild soap such as glicerinado.
  4. To leave the breast more resistant skin can use a Loofah in the shower (gently so you don’t hurt), bathe in the Sun on breasts and wear shirts without a bra at home to cause friction.
  5. Don’t put creams or moisturizers oils in the region of the mammary, borders only on the skin.
  6. Use appropriate bra to the volume and shape of your breast, the growth and the changes that they will suffer in pregnancy.
  7. Shortly after Labor ask help from professionals that you will meet for the first few feedings to perform a Correct Grip. The largest cracks and tears occur in the first few feedings and usually by performing a bad handle.
  8. Prepare an environment in your home cool and comfortable for you to breastfeed because it is very important that you be quiet for those moments.
  9. In the last weeks of pregnancy and after childbirth you can use a Lanolin-based ointment on the nipple of the breast to help prevent and heal wounds.
  10. Acquire the habit of drinking plenty of water during pregnancy and keep on breastfeeding, because that is the main base for producing milk.

Girls, if you liked the tips, do not forget to comment here so I know. And also let the doubts about this or any other issue they have.